Friday, August 26, 2011

Day 563: Where the Duoro meets the Atlantic

This morning's long run took me to the red and white striped lighthouse where the Duoro meets the Atlantic -- a simple pier leading out to the lighthouse full of fishermen beginning their day on the water. Returning back to pick up my friends after making a breakfast of egg whites and veggies, I decided that we all needed to do the 10 mile trek to the Atlantic and back. A stop for coffees and a stop for lunch. A simple relaxing day of walking, talking, sunning, eating, and drinking. On our return, we stopped to go to the larger supermaket and what was really interesting to me was the fact that 98% of the cheeses in this first large supermarket we had been in here in Portugal where all Portuguese, barely any
imports...unlike other Western European countries and the US.

Overall a fantastic few days in Portugal's second city with some of my closest friends... Stay tuned for the next days in London.

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