Sunday, August 28, 2011

Day 565 : Day Two in Londontown

Not much cheese, but a whole heck of a lot of good times had today! An early morning coffee and a walk to the Columbia Flower Market -- classic old world London -- vendors yelling about their flowers on a small road closed down to the public on this lovely Sunday morning. Gorgeous flowers surrounded you, you felt as though you had been transported into a garden of lavender plants, roses, lilies, pansies, and more. Made me miss living here, the small town feel yet in a big city, European yet Continental -- London walks an excellent line between many different cultural and societal dynamics, full of energy and full of life!

After a great workout at the gym a lunch of quinoa, lentils, shredded carrots, herbs, squash, roasted tomatoes, and more, we ventured towards Western London to check out Europe's biggest street party the Notting Hill Carnival -- a two day "Mardi-Gras"- esque party full of good times, floats, revelers, and general good cheer that in good weather would have been a blast...

A walk down memory lane of places I used to frequent, we ended up at an early dinner at a fantastic Thai spot on Old Street in Shoreditch composed of spicy Calamari and a tofu spinach dish.

Overall a great day with good friends in a city I love dearly, who could ask for more.

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