Friday, October 1, 2010

Day Two Hundred and Thirty Four - Happy October GCF!

October means that Fall is on the horizon and it is just in time for cooler nights, hot mugs of mulled cider, roasted chestnuts on the street corners, and plenty of time for lingering over bubbling pots of fondue, the quintessential fall and winter sharing dish. So I thought for today's GCF, I'd keep things simple and suggest a grilled cheese that hopefully will give you the same sort of warm fuzzy comforting feeling.

Full of cheesy goodness with a nice crunch and a few slices of McIntosh apple and some slivers of red onion, this will be a nice Harvest GCF. Taking the classic Gruyere, Appenzeller, Emmental traditionally found in fondue, you will incorporate all three into this sandwich. The three cheeses will be placed between the bread pieces with the McIntosh apple slices and red onion. This also needs a little drizzle of honey and some apple cider vinegar. It will then be topped by a few sprigs of fresh rosemary and a few sliced red grapes. Once baked in the oven, this will be a fantastically delish cheesy morsel of goodness packed full of Fall's Harvest quintessential apple, the McIntosh, some fresh red grapes, and aromatics of course!

Enjoy this with a nice glass of local sparkling cider and ponder the idea of going apple picking, maybe this is the fall to finally do it! A celebration of apples, cheese and more for the end of this rainy week!!

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