Thursday, September 30, 2010

Day Two Thirty Three : A smoky autumnal uplifter!

Gosh what a depressing week -- it's been grey, rainy, muggy, and all around gross for the majority of it! What a shift from the summer sunshine and glorious days we had been having. Walking the streets of Manhattan today you can tell that the weather is starting to affect people's moods. So I thought I'd suggest a fabulous little fresh treat that will hopefully brighten your Thursday evening!

Sometimes, you just need to treat yourself to a little something special and that my friends is what Rivers Edge Chevre Up in Smoke is. Wrapped like present, except not in wrapping paper, but in a local maple leaf.

This Oregonian chevre is twice smoked and truly an example of the farm's terroir. Step one is the foraging of the maple leaves on the farm's property. Then the leaves are washed, dried and smoked. The fresh chevre is then hand rolled into little balls and then it too is smoked over the same alder and hickory chips. Once the cheese's smoking is done, it is wrapped in its own maple leaf and spritzed with a little bit of bourbon and is then aged for two weeks and then is ready for your enjoyment.

Smelling and tasting somewhat like campfire, it has something truly quintessentially autumnal about it. It is a perfect mixture of burning wood fires, smokiness, and a leafy vegetal quality with the lactic tang and kick of a fresh delish chevre. Perfect to get you in the mood for leaves turning, pumpkins, hot cider, apple picking, and more fun Fall events. Enjoy this with a nice Oregon Pinot Noir and I guarantee it will wipe the icky weather feelings right out of your system!

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