Saturday, October 2, 2010

Day Two Hundred and Thirty Five - A New Cheese Discovery

Today, after a nice long run, I discovered a new cheese made by Bobolink, a creamery located in New Jersey. Bobolink always has a farm stand at the Thursday and Saturday Upper West Side farmer's market. The cool thing about Bobolink is that they have homemade breads and hand crafted cheeses all under one roof -- your one stop shop!

I have tried a variety of their raw cow's milk cheeses before -- each unique, rustic, definitely homemade and supremely fabulous. Today, I decided to try their Frolic -- New Jersey's answer to an Alpine style cheese. Boy is it fabulous - sweet, creamy, grassy and really dynamic -- multi dimensional in a simple yet complicated manner.

This cheese was truly perfect featured on their cranberry walnut breadstick or on it's own! It is not the sort of cheese I'd want to combine with two many different items because it surely should be the star of the show!

Next time you have the chance, grab some Frolic from Bobolink creamery's tent at the Tucker Square Farmer's Market on Thursdays or Saturdays, it will make you want to frolic all around the streets of Manhattan!

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