Saturday, October 9, 2010

Day Two Hundred and Forty Two - A Wedding Cheese?

In a few hours time, we will be attending the wedding of one my oldest college friends to his college sweetheart here in St Louis, the reason for our cross country trip. So I got to thinking about weddings and cheese -- both for a large majority white; cheese even sometimes can share the creamy unctuous consistency of a cake. Although cheese is typically not a course per se at American weddings, what if it was?

What if you could feature cheese at your wedding, what sort of cheese would you have? Would if be your favorite go-to cheese or that one special cheese you treat yourself to on special occasions? Or maybe a local beauty or a cheese from the land of your heritage? What would you choose? That is if you choose to have a special cheese course at your wedding. In that respect, I suppose you could ask the same question about a variety of different foods that we all know and love and don't necessarily think of to include at one's wedding. However folks as we all know this isn't a blog about sushi or desserts or vegan cuisine, it's a blog about cheese.

So if I were to suggest a cheese that I think would be a fun, celebratory, and symbolic cheese for such a special occasion as a marriage, I would suggest a Californian -- Truffle Tremor, a soft rippened bloomy rind goat milk cheese infused with black truffle. Why you may ask? Truffle Tremor is a young-ish cheese, aged for under three months. In a way the youth of the cheese, with somewhat of a history mirrors a relationship on the brink of marriage - young with a bit of history behind it. Of course the truffles signify the necessary decadence of such a momentous occasion. And lastly personally goat's milk cheeses are my favorite, so of course I'd suggest one here. But apart from playing favorites, I think the lightness of a goat's milk cheese is the perfect cheese addition to an already planned three course meal. Would Truffle Tremor be my only choice? No but I think it is a great option!!!


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