Sunday, October 10, 2010

Day Two Hundred and Forty Three - The Actual cheese at the wedding

Yesterday's wedding was lovely, complete with a cocktail hour over looking St Louis' Forest Park at sunset, some great speeches, an improptu surprise song, a beautiful and simple church service and one very happy bride and groom!! Guess what?!? There actually was a cheese at the wedding, granted accompanied by a salad but it was a pretty delish cheese preparation -- a Roquefort flan paired with candied pecans and mixed greens with a dried cherry dressing. The Roquefort flan appeared somewhat like a round of goat cheese but upon taking abide, you realize it was a light and airy ode to the French stinky blue cheese - Roquefort! Stinky and biting but not overly in your face as Roquefort can sometimes end up being for those who aren't the biggest blue cheese fans. It was a simple twist on a traditional blue cheese mixed green salad with just the right sort of special occasion element to it!

Overall a truly lovely celebration to honor the bond of these two friends!

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