Friday, October 8, 2010

Day Two Forty One - A St Louis GCF

While on our walking tour of St Louis today we stopped for a small bite and a drink at John D McGurk's, an Irish bar that according my companion was voted top fifty bars by Esquire magazine. We bet once we got there that the reasoning behind that was the fact that you could order cigars from the menu -- how frequently do you see that intermingled with beers, wines, whiskeys, cocktails and more? Not so often, right?!?

Well that being said the salad I had was quite tasty especially with the addition of the Gusiness sauteed onions and mushrooms, so I thought, why not use those in this week's ode to St Louis GCF. With the mushrooms and onions, you need to use some Provel Rope cheese, a cheese I've never heard of but upon tasting imagine it's quite close to a processed sort of Provolone cheese. Next up you need some of the fantastic tomato bread from Joe Fazio Bakery available for sale at Soulard farmer's market. This bread is to die for -- it just melts in your mouth, truly homemade. So take a few slices of bread, put your cheese and beer sauteed onions and mushrooms in between and grill away. You have to enjoy this with an O'falans or a Bud, both hometown breweries. This sure is a beer town!!!

Check back tomorrow for more Midwestern adventures!

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