Monday, October 11, 2010

Day Two Forty Four - White Cheddar Dill Cheese Curds Marriage Mondays

Wow what a mouthful right? Your next thought is why did she choose that specific item? Well that's because I had the pleasure of enjoying some of these particular curds courtesy of my significant other -- he purchased a little bag of the curds at the mercantile mart near the Arch in St Louis produced by Osceola Cheese Company in Osceola, MO.

What is a cheese curd you may ask?

A cheese curd is basically unformed cheese -- composed of milk, enzymes, salt, and in our case here, garlic and dill. Cheddaring refers to the stacking of curds to eliminate excess liquid and water from the cheese, giving it that classic cheddar taste. Therefore, cheese curds are strictly young unformed cheese -- great for baking purposes, melting, and more!

So why choose this specific cheese product this week? Because it will be fun to learn ways in which one can cook with cheese curds. Therefore this week's contestants will be three different scenarios for cooking with these cheese curds and tomorrow you will learn the best usage for white cheddar cheese curds with an accompanying recipe.

Let's get going!

Contestant Number #1 - Fondue : The classic preparation of heated cheeses, melted in a small metal crockpot, a melody of cheeses are combined to be a fantastically creamy dip for breads, veggies, meats and more. A great dish for sharing with a group with some red wine on a chilly winter afternoon. Will our curds be found in this wintery dish?

Contestant Number #2 - Muffins: Who doesn't love the fluffy traditionally breakfasty item -- found in sweet and savory variations, each delish in it's own way. Can our dear curds be the new best savory option?

Contestant Number # 3 - Pizza : Tomato sauce, cheese, and crust -- the classic originally Italian dish is now found worldwide with countless local and national variations -- whether it's a Chicago deepdish or the crunchy thin crust Roman style or Jim Lahey's no-knead style, you name it, you can find it in pizza form. But will the curds work when melted as a pizza topping? Wait till tomorrow to find out!!!

You may think, gosh she choose three strictly simple items here but that is the point because in my mind there is a clear winner and why not keep simple products with simple preparations this week?

I will also give you a "dressed up" curd recipe too - a great mixture of options with cheese curds!

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