Friday, September 10, 2010

Day Two Hundred and Thirteen: A GCF in honor of last night's dessert...

Last night, we sat down to dinner to celebrate the Jewish New Year and my mother outdid herself foodwise -- homemade challah, inventive concepts rooting each dish in a specific historical or cultural context, everything was quite smashing. But I think my favorite part of the meal, might have been her new dessert creation and for today's GCF, I decided to utilize the elements from her dessert to concoct a savory yet sweet GCF perfect for your enjoying purposes.

This GCF starts with a nice crunchy baguette, Tom Cat Bakery makes some pretty fantastic ones. Grab a small 8oz tub of Salvatore Brooklyn's Ricotta from Saxelby Cheesemongers down at the Essex Street Market, but call in advance, you don't want them to be sold out of it! Also grab a nice Vermont Butter and Cheese Goat Cheese log, this will add a nice tang. Combine the ricotta and the goat cheese into one cheesy creamy paste. Once you've cut your baguette, drizzle basil olive oil on either side of the bread, then spread a decent amount of your cheese on the baguette, top with a few pieces of crumbled roasted almonds, some sliced strawberries and your basil "dressing." The basil dressing is made by blending basil, extra virgin olive oil, and some honey. Once you've put your basil dressing on top, add a little bit of salt and pepper and heat away. Your sandwich is now ready to enjoy. I'd have it with maybe a nice White Bordeaux but feel free to have it even with a yummy Pilsner, that might be just the ticket.

Have a nice Friday night folks!

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