Thursday, September 9, 2010

Day Two Hundred and Twelve - Fashionista Cheese-inista

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week started today, it runs till the 16th of the month. This season, the tents have moved northwest to my neck of the woods -- Lincoln Center. How exciting right?!? So I thought for today's post, I'd put together a selection of fabulously fantastic cheeses for the fashionista paired with a lovely glass of Prosecco.

Our fashionista cheese-inista plate will be composed of four cheeses, one for each quadrant of the cheese clock. In case you are unfamiliar with the cheese clock, fret not, there's an image just below for you to peruse.

Our cheese plate will start at 6 with the smashing Nettle Meadow Honey Lavender Fromage Blanc, definitely a dressed up beginning to our cheese-inista adventure. This fresh cheese is creamy and bright -- packed with luscious sweetness from the honey and floral herbaceous notes from the lavender. It is a great way to start any cheese plate. I like to serve it on a little homemade baguette crostini.

Moving along to the 9 o'clock spot and to Vermont Butter & Cheese's Coupole. This Vermont-ster takes its cues from its elegant French cousin, Chevrot - an aged soft ripened goat's cheese, this baby does a minerally chalky vibrant dance on your tongue and delights all of the senses. Named for its dome-like shape, the texture and flavors of the rind play the perfect counterpart to the interior. A nice followup to the creamy freshness of our first cheese, this shows you that American cheeses can hold their ground when compared to their Frenchy counterparts.

Now it's time to move to 12 o'clock and here we will feature Cato Corner Farm's Womanchego, not your typical Manchego, this cheese is definitely dressed to the nines in a pair of Jimmy Choos. Taking its inspiration from the classic Spanish sheep's milk cheese we all know and love, this baby takes that flavor to the max with whisperings of fruits and nuts with a hint of sweetness on the finish and a firmer paste than its Spanish counterpart.

Lastly we'll waltz over to that 3 o'clock spot with the show stopping Point Reyes Blue Cheese. Hailing from the surf and sun state of California, this raw cow's milk baby is a piquant spicy delight! Deep blue veins populate this aged finale on our cheese plate, sure to leave a lasting memory in your heart. 
So put on your favorite pair of stilettos, grab a nice bottle of bubbly, some good girlfriends, and enjoy!

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