Monday, August 9, 2010

Day One Eighty - Heathrow and other traveling thoughts for Marriage Mondays

Morning folks. I'm sitting in the crowded and epically large Terminal 5 of Heathrow Airport waiting for my flight to the South of France. You just don't find airports like this in the US -- it took us ten minutes on an inter-terminal
bus to go from terminal three to five, it's like taking a taxi from the Upper West Side down to the West Village, without any traffic of course, that's big if you ask me.
And of course it's got all the amenities to boot - high end shops, WH Smiths, Boots pharmacies, sushi bars, coffee houses, regular bars serving English fry ups, sandwich places, the list goes on and on -- if you have to have a layover, it's not a bad place.
You could walk for miles and still find new offerings!

As it was that weird hour where I should be eating breakfast but everyone here in England is thinking of lunch, I settled on a simple sandwich of fresh mozzarella, oven roasted tomatoes, pesto and arugula, perfect as a breakfast/lunch and easy on the wallet and on my stomach, always sensitive after a night flight.
Well folks, that gets me to this week's Marriage Mondays, what cheese goes best with or counteracts jet lag?

I know this sounds like a weird marriage Mondays but just go with me here. You know how it's said if you have a banana the potassium will help counteract jet lag?

Well I think that there's a cheese that does the same...

Contestant Number One : mozzarella - could the cheese that I had on my sandwich here at Heathrow be the cheese that helps counteract jet lag?

Contestant Number Two : Yogurt Cheese - low in fat this smooth buttery cheese is great for cooking. It has a mild flavor, nothing overly fantastic on it's own, but it melds with a variety of different flavor profiles.

Contestant Number Three: Roquefort - King of French blue cheeses, rhizome is a stinker, piquant, spicy and delish. It just awakens your senses!

So folks, which contestant will it be?!?

Check back for tomorrow's post from the South of France for answers.

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