Sunday, August 8, 2010

Day One Eighty - Transatlantic cheese travel

Good evening ladies and gents, as I'm just gearing up to head off to the airport for a two week vacation in the South of France and Corsica (don't worry you will hear about it all!), I thought why not advise my faithful readers on a few rules of thumb when bringing cheese back from overseas. Unlike fruits, veggies, and other perishables, cheese is most certainly allowed back into the US. However folks, don't think that you can bring all cheeses, soft and hard on the airplane with you.

As a rule of thumb, only harder cheeses are allowed in the cabin, softer cheeses are allowed in your checked luggage. You may think that there are really in depth reasons for this separation, yet folks, I regret to inform you, it is simply that the customs agents believe that the softer cheeses will stink up the plane and therefore prohibit these cheeses in the passenger cabin. Do not fret  though, the hold where one's bags are stowed is cold enough to sustain these cheeses from Europe to the USA.

That's pretty much it folks. I wouldn't try and bring extremely fresh soft chevres or pungent blue cheeses but other cheeses should be good to go!

Have a wonderful evening. Look for tomorrow's post from Heathrow Airport.

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