Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Day One Eighty One - Welcome to the South

Greetings from a magical place in the world dear readers...first off, let's announce the winner of yesterday's marriage Mondays and instead of delving into a recipe, I thought I'd share with you all some of the fantastic cheeses we are having here in the South of France.

So folks, who do you think won?

The answer is contestant two! Why you may ask? Well just as yogurt has many beneficial cultures that help aid the immune system, nourish and energize your body, so does yogurt cheese, it will give you energy, help fight off any pesky germs you may have caught on the plane, and will be satisfying and delish without packing on too much of the fat.

Seeing as I'm writing to you all from my iPhone and cell service is expensive, I apologize if my posts aren't as long and in depth as they normally are.....

Moving along, let's discuss last night's cheese plate. The nice thing about being in France is that you can find delish artisanal cheeses at the Casino or supermarket, the kind that cost an arm and a leg in the US here are much more reasonably priced.

For our welcome to France cheese plate, we got the classics - a Selle-sur-Cher, a Loire Valley ash ripened goat's milk cheese; Petit Basque, an aged cyclindrical sheep's milk cheese; and of course some blue Fourme D'Ambert, a medium bodied cow's milk cheese, mild on the piquant qualities, but strong in flavor. It's always such a treat to taste each cheese and feel the difference in freshness, crispness and body in flavor, and the ultimately melt in your mouth qualities of true homemade French cheeses. As our days go by, the cheese choices will transition to the more adventurous but for right now, tasting these cheeses in the country in which they are made, totally changes them and you all at once. You feel as though the drama of big city life is quickly dissipating from your bones.

Check back tomorrow for some Provencal recipes!

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