Saturday, June 29, 2013

Day 1026 : Root, root, root for the Hometeam - Campbell Cheese & Grocery - Elena Santogade

A new cheese establishment competitor that Fromagical has yet to visit but it is a definite must for the Summer of 2013.

So without further ado, Elena Santogade- 

How did you get into the world of cheese? 

I got into the cheese world through a circuitous route! At heart I am a passionate consumer of cheese, and I suppose that's how I started getting into the business. I had a number of different jobs (all sales-related), and through traveling and frequenting cheese shops here in NYC and around the world I got more and more into the practice of studying and tasting cheese. Eventually I started making cheese in my apartment, and then finally tried out working at the counter. I loved it, I was hooked.

Tell us about your establishment.

I am the Manager/Buyer at Campbell Cheese & Grocery. We are a brand new family-owned business in Williamsburg. We have nearly 100 cheeses and all kinds of provisions - from produce to bulk grains to dried pastas, and a killer chocolate selection!

What round of CMI are you going to rock?

 If I make it to the sign round, I'm going to nail it!

What's your favorite cheese pairing partner?

Favorite cheese pairing partner for me is beer!

What is your cheese of Summer 2013?

Favorite cheese for Summer 2013: 3-Corner Field's Feta (80% sheep milk, 20% cow)

What random fact do you want to share with everything to win them over?

One random fact to win everyone over: after all these years, I still get choked up over the first American cheese that rocked my world - Pleasant Ridge Reserve!

Any lover of Pleasant Ridge is pretty awesome in my book so lets hear it for Elena!

Campbell Cheese and Grocery
502 Lorimer Street

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