Sunday, June 30, 2013

Day 1026 : 24 hours in Venice - Part One

Welcome to the city of canals, magic, romance, and wonder. I haven't been here for the better part of two decades, but little has changed. Winding streets, mazes of canals, cobblestones dating back centuries and a biannual bienniale of art, hence my trip.

Arriving at sunset on a Saturday evening, I checked into my hotel and set out for a late dinner on the water, I needed to maximize my time soaking up the city in this quick trip. 

What should have been a quick Vaparetto trip turned into a forty-five minute Vaparetto wait followed by a slow moving boat leaving me with the concern that I would show up after the restaurant closed. But thankfully I arrived at 10:27, with the awareness that the kitchen closed at 10:30, hopefully they would seat me otherwise where I was going to go, I wasn't sure. Seat me they did and what a wonderful meal I had.

Seated facing out on the water with the magical lights in the distance, I started with a glass of Prosecco and a burrata appetizer, quite different from the one I enjoyed just a few days ago in Paris. This was served on two roasted artichoke hearts topped with black truffle shavings and a roasted tomato compote. Helllooooooo Italian Burrata! Wow! Knocks your socks off in a way that no other burrata can, the magical surroundings might have had something to do with it but boy this just melted in your mouth.

I then had a wonderful grilled octopus dish served with a bright fennel herb purée and crisp purple potato garniture. Delectable and rustic yet sumptuous and flavorful - a true Venetian treat! Paired with a local red, it was perfect.

A great start to my Venetian whirlwind at Linea d'Ombra. 

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