Monday, May 13, 2013

Day 1005 : Zabar's

While running with a friend yesterday who mentioned to me his love of Epoisses and how he purchased one roundelle at Fairway for $19.99 and then walked into Zabar's to discover the same cheese on sale for $4.99; I decided it was time for a visit. I hadn't been to Zabar's in a while and I've always said that if you are looking for an extensive selection of cheeses from across the pond at prices that won't break the bank, then the place to go is Zabar's. Their Loire Valley goat's milk cheese selection is hard to rival and their cured fish options are excellent among many other delicacies. But let's focus on their current cheese offerings.

Strolling in yesterday afternoon, I was excited to see what I could find and at what prices -- it was time for a little bit of frugal cheese shopping. Yes, you can go to East Village Cheese and purchase cheese for deeply discounted prices but the quality is hit or miss, at Zabar's this surely isn't the case.

Of course I had to get a small roundelle of Loire Valley goat -- St Marcellin to be exact. At perfect ripeness and consistency, this little disc of soft and creamy bright goat's milk cheese is easily spreadable on bread or a cracker and the perfect complement to a nice glass of bubbly Prosecco or even a crisp glass of white wine. Decadent yet light, you cannot ever go wrong here. Whereas at Fairway, one finds this cheese for $5.99, it was only $3.79. 

The real find was Mountain Gruyere for $8.98 a pound! The classic Alpine style cheese aged to perfection at a truly remarkable price. Traditionally you will find Gruyere for anywhere between $15 and $20 a pound. Nutty and rustic yet tangy and buttery, you cannot go wrong with this melting superstar. Perfect with a medium bodied red wine. Great as a substitute for Parmesan in my classic quinoa and veggie dishes, Gruyere adds a wonderfully nutty touch.

And what else?

Looking for a morsel of Parmesan's salty and briny cousin -- Pecorino Romano? Featured for $10.99, it is perfect for shaving over pastas, pizzas, roasted veggies, you name it! 

Was this it? No way! But these were a few of the great deals found yesterday at Zabar's and I am sure you my friends will find many others that will delight. 

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