Thursday, May 9, 2013

Day 1004 : It's asparagus time...

You know its Springtime when you see asparagus, ramps, and rhubarb on restaurant menus...out with the root vegetables and in with the green bounty of warmer months to come.

So tonight in honor of the fact that it is apparently Springtime, I thought I would propose a very simple asparagus dish to celebrate.

Pull out your stovetop grill, grab some asparagus, keeping them full, drizzle them with EVOO and sliced garlic, a pinch of sel de guerande. Grill for a few minutes per side or until nicely charred. Once the asparagus is flipped and one side is grilled, while the other side is cooking, top with some crumbled fresh chevre. While this is cooking, grab a handful of sugar snap peas and a fennel bulb. Dice the sugar snaps and half of the fennel bulb up with a little bit of the fennel leaves. Top with some EVOO and sel de guerande. Let this marinate for a few moments while your asparagus are cooking. When the chevre is fully melted, pull off your asparagus and place on a bed of sugar snaps and diced fennel. Enjoy with a bright crisp glass of Gruner or even a Pinot Gris.

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