Friday, April 26, 2013

Day 999 : Le Pipos

Where to go in Paris for that local, neighborhoody bistro with a storied history?

Look on almost any corner of Paris and you will find a bistro steeped in history and tradition - classic food, warming and comforting done well in that truly authentic French manner. No modern French creations here -- whether it's a salade au chèvre chaude, a steak frites, or classic French omelettes; go for a carafe of wine, some home cooked food, and a good time. Everyone has their favorite places to go to while in Paris, maybe it's that bistro you ate at the first time you came to Paris; maybe the place you ate at as a child or the place the owners remember you; you name it-- everyone has those places that strike that personal chord within you. What is yours?

Take a moment. And pause to let your mind wander. Is your favorite bistro in the 6eme? Maybe hidden behind the Rue du Rivoli or perhaps on the Ile St Louis. Maybe not, maybe it's up near the Bois du Bologne, you name it.

While in Paris for the past few days, I discovered a new bistro known as Le Pipos conveniently located in the 5th actually right on the street in the film "Midnight in Paris," where the actors suddenly jump from the 21st century back to the magical wonder of 1920s Paris. Set atop a hill, this little bistro is tucked away from the hustle and bustle of downtown Paris. A series of small interconnected rooms on different levels make up the interior space with a handful of sidewalk tables.

Seated outside, we ordered seasonal vegetables -- a roasted artichoke with a lemon vinaigrette dipping sauce and steamed leeks with a similar vinaigrette and a petite mixed greens salad, red onion, and oven roasted tomatoes.

And cheese of course!

Cantal, Bleu d'auvergne, Tomme de Savoie and Ossau Iraty. Simple classic French cheeses but boy were they at their peak and enjoyed with a glass of Brouilly, it was the perfect end to my trip to my whirlwind trip to Paris.

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