Monday, April 15, 2013

Day 994 : Mozzarella Company

Location - Dallas, Texas baby!

The home of the largest working farmer's market in the country and the town where the margarita was born. What else is Dallas the home of?

Paula Lambert's Mozzarella Company! Located at 2944 Elm Street, this petite shop has been ground zero for Lambert's labor of love since 1982. After a trip to Italy in the early 1980s, Lambert fell in love with mozzarella and with the craft of making her own. The stars aligned- she knew that she wanted to bring small production hand crafted cheese making to her hometown of Dallas, Texas.

Nowadays over three decades later, Lambert and her dedicated staff craft over 250,000 of cheese yearly -- a selection of mozzarellas, fresh and aged cow and goat's milk cheeses.

Back in New York City, I had enjoyed her Hoja Santa many a time -- young goat's milk cheese wrapped in Hoja Santa leaves. This little cheese wrapped with a bow boasted tangy, citrusy and bright flavors with a fabulously aromatic finish full of vegetal and floral nuances.

But I wanted to see what I could find in Dallas that I couldn't find in NYC.

What did I find?

First off - I found their aged goat's milk cheese rubbed with an ancho-chili rind. Spicy and rustic yet crisp, citrusy and light. Perfection with a glass of Pinot Gris. Rubbing the exterior in ancho-chilis allows for this burst of spice on the palate followed by a mellow brightness from the aged firm goat's milk paste.

And what was my other discovery?

How about their Caciotta? Semi-soft aged cow's milk cheese infused with Loroco, an edible floral plant hailing from El Salvador. Yes you could find Caciotta plain or infused with Ancho chilis or Texas basil, Mexican Marigold Mint or  Black pepper or garlic but the Loroco version was "limited edition cheese" -- crafted with an edible flower given to Lambert and the Mozzarella Company. What a treat it was! Rustic yet floral and aromatic, with a grassy tang, this round and buttery cheese was a true unique delight. Also enjoy with a nice glass of Pinot Gris.

There were so many other cheeses and goodies that tempted but those will have to be for another time. It was a treat being able to enjoy other goodies from the Mozzarella Company.

Mozzarella Company
2944 Elm Street
Dallas, Tx 75226

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