Sunday, January 27, 2013

Day 965 : Brunch at Dressler

Seems like we're on a bit of a whirlwind tour of outer borough brunches as of late continuing with today's trip to Dressler in South Williamsburg. Located on Broadway right off of Bedford a quick five minute walk from the Marcy Avenue stop and across the street from Peter Luger sits arguably one of Williamsburg's, and Brooklyn itself's, best restaurants, offering a wide array of contemporary American food and well curated cocktails. Having earned a Michelin star yearly since 2008, it was definitely worth a trip on the C train followed by the F train followed by the J train, lots of trains for a Sunday morning after a half marathon.

Walking into Dressler, the first thing one notices is the absolutely totally and completely fantastic metal work done by Brooklyn Navy Yard sculptors around the room and even including the chandeliers. An open yet intimate, light and airy space that has one foot in the contemporary dining world and one foot in the fabulous cocktail salons of the 40s and 50s.

What attracted me to their brunch menu was the sense of ingenuity and inventiveness of their brunch offerings. Brunch is always a difficult meal -- some restaurants blow it out of the park and impress their diners with creative interpretations of classics and well some restaurants just play it safe.

So how did Dressler do?

I had their Pecorino Frittata, but with eggs whites -- egg whites, fried cauliflower and brussel sprouts served with a lemon aioli and topped with arugula and pecorino. Wow, was this a dish that had my name written all over it -- a few of my favorite things and done well in a rustic yet elevated manner, aromatic and herbaceous yet not too fussy, the perfect brunch dish after a half marathon on a cold January day.

I look forward to returning for dinner in the near future.

149 Broadway

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