Friday, January 25, 2013

Day 964 : Dreaming of Sunshine and Flowers and Warmth

Are you dreaming of days spent lounging around in Sheep's Meadow, drinking fabulous cocktails complete with that paper umbrella that just screams summertime, live concerts outdoors and more? On days like today when the temperature was 12 degrees while running, one's mind surely does wander to warmer and brighter times of year. A morsel of Hudson Flower and a glass of light Pinot Noir will transport you right through to Springtime months, if not all the way to Summer!

Hudson Flower is a new creation brought to you by Old Chatham Shepherding Company and Murray's Cheese. Hudson Flower starts with the base of Old Chatham's Kinderhook Creek, a pasteurized 100% sheep's milk soft ripened roundelle of soft, creamy, cheesy goodness. This fresh, honest cheese is then coated in a special blend of  rosemary, lemon thyme, elderberries, marjoram, and hop flowers, and consequently aged for approximately a month. Modeled on the fabulous Corsican cheese, Fleur du Maquis, Hudson Flower takes the infused, aromatic, herbaceous cheese to a whole new level. Rich and dense, yet light and creamy, rustic and alive, this cheese will just awaken your senses. I like to enjoy this with a light Pinot Noir, take for example McCall's Pinot Noir from the North Fork of Long Island.

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