Monday, August 27, 2012

Day 883 : 28 year old cheddar!

Yes folks, you read that correctly, this upcoming October you will be witnessing history! Why you may ask?

Because twenty pounds of the oldest commercial Cheddar will be on sale per ounce at the Wisconsin Cheese Mart in Milwaukee. The cheddar will be $6 an ounce and will strictly be available at the Cheese Bar of the Wisconsin Cheese Mart. Along with the twenty eight year old cheddar, there will also be a twenty plus year old cheddar on sale only in half pound wedges for $30 each.

Curious to know what this super duper aged cheddar will taste like? Then get yourself to Milwaukee at the beginning of October!

It surely will be interesting to see how well the cheddar has maintained flavor, structure, taste, and style after being aged for close to three decades. This cheddar has lived through Ronald Reagan, Bush Senior and Bush Junior, Clinton and of course Obama!

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