Friday, August 24, 2012

Day 881 : Cider TGIF pairing

Last night I had a pint of Doc's Pear Hard Cider that got me thinking about a different TGIF pairing concept, why not do a local cider?  It is perfect as a late summer early evening beverage -- light and sparkling with a bright crisp fruitiness yet not too sweet. Refreshing yet satisfying -- an excellent happy hour drink!

Crafted by Warwick Winery and Brewery in the Hudson Valley, this is a classic pear cider crafted from a melange of New York State apples and pears.

So what cheese did I choose to go with our pear cider?

How about Consider Bardwell's aged goat's milk masterpiece Manchester?

A firm washed rind raw goat's milk cheese that's been aged for approximately two to three months, this is  bright, milky and lactic with citrusy and grassy notes and a fabulous rustic barnyardy finish. The bright crispness of the cheese will find its home with the same notes in the cider and the aromatic fruitiness of the cider will complement the washed rind rustic notes of the cheese.

The perfect end of summer local pairing for the beginning of a lovely weekend.

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