Friday, June 22, 2012

Day 844 : Root, root, root for the hometeam -- Sarah Maine

Saxelby Cheesemongers is a name synonymous with American artisanal cheese and with the Essex Street Market here in New York City. From its beginnings, Saxelby's focus has been on the promotion of the fabulous farmstead cheeses crafted by small sustainable American dairy farms and introducing them to the New York City masses. Up until last year, this goal functioned in harmony with helping to renovate the landscape of the Essex Street Market. In 2011, Saxelby opened up a larger space complete with cheese caves in Red Hook whilst maintaining their brick and mortar joint in the Essex Street Market.

Meet Sarah Maine, our cheesemonger contestant from Saxelby who is following in quite large footsteps with her two predecessors placing second and third respectively in the competition. They sure know their cheesemongering at Saxelby, right?!

Sarah came to the world of cheese after approximately a decade in film production and set decoration. She decided to return to school for an MBA in Sustainable Business and when that concluded she scored an internship at Saxelby knowing that they had a keen interest and focus on local and sustainable business. From there, Sarah moved up to manager where she has been since, at home in the world of cheese and sustainability!

Outside of the world of Saxelby, Sarah and a friend from graduate school started a website called What per chance is this site you might be wondering?  It is a relay of recipes where every recipe is inspired by an ingredient from the week before. Interestingly enough though, her website and her cheese life are beginning to cross paths with contributors to the website coming from the world of cheese and vice versa.

Here's to Sarah, Saxelby, and sustainability! A trio of S's!

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