Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Day 843 : Root, root, root for the hometeam - Lilith Spencer

Located on Flatbush Avenue in Park Slope is the three year old BKLYN Larder - a shop for "cheese and provisions." BKLYN Larder is full of carefully curated local cheeses, salumi, prepared foods, preserves, beers, gifts and more -- the ultimate neighborhood food destination, it's definitely worth the trip if you're not in Park Slope. Behind the counter at BKLYN Larder is Lilith Spencer, the focus of today's cheesemonger chat!

Lilith is relatively new to the NYC cheese world, having relocated approximately a year ago from Northampton, Mass where she received her BA from Hampshire College. Hampshire College allows you to create your own major with a senior thesis year completely curated by the student. Lilith's senior year was all about the intersection of music and cheese. How you might be wondering right? She composed eight different pieces of music and paired them with eight corresponding cheeses based on texture, culture, and more. The cheeses she utilized ranged from Old Chatham Shepherding's Camembert to Vella Dry Jack to Cabot Clothbound Cheddar to Abbaye de Belloc to Bayley Hazen Blue and more. I just love the abstract concept of creating a bond between music and cheese -- perhaps because it feels very close to home for me whose life is a happy mixture of cheese and fine arts. But enough about me, back to Lilith...

Upon completion of her music and cheese compositions and her time at Hampshire College, Lilith decided that it wasn't yet time to open her own carefully curated cheese shop in Northampton but that it is definitely a future goal -- in the mean time, she decided it was the time to cut her chops in the big city and what better place than BKLYN Larder! At BKLYN Larder, Lilith has really been able to sink her teeth into a small business and be a part of its growth process.

For Lilith, "Cheese is science, politics, history, and culture all rolled into one." So here's to Lilith and her belief that cheese ties the world together!

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