Thursday, May 24, 2012

Day 826 : On the Road Again

It's that time of year again or well the calendar says it is despite the weather in New York disagreeing -- the beginning of summertime! Memorial Day weekend for me marks the beginning of summertime -- lazy sunny afternoons spent by the pool with a book, barbecues and cookouts galore, beach campfires at sunset, road trips, and plenty of time spent outdoors. It's time to rediscover your youth, let your inhibitions go and have fun!

What best way to ring in the season than with some Rivers Edge Up in Smoke Chèvre? This Oregonian is all about summertime fun! Young roundelles of pasteurized goat's milk are twice smoked to impart the perfect mixture of bright, citrusy, chalky, tangy, goaty goodness and that smoky, rustic, woodsy, campfire goodness.

You might be wondering how is it twice smoked? Before the cheese is wrapped in the local maple leaves, the leaves themselves are smoked and then once wrapped, the cheese and maple leaves are smoked again to impart this fabulous flavor profile.

What to drink with it?

I recommend a bright and light white wine!

So go out and get yourself a roundelle at Murray's and a bottle of white wine and let's get this summer started my friends!

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