Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Day 819 : A rainy day lunch at Il Buco

Walking into Il Buco on Bond Street out of the pouring rain yesterday, one felt immediately transported to a rustic Italian farmhouse. Opened in 1994 as an "off the beaten track antique store," it was soon transformed into a small plates Italian and Spanish influenced joint. Now in 2012, they have an extensive Italian inspired menu along with offering for sale artisanal olive oils, vinegars, spices, and salts.

So what did we have today for lunch?

We split their Cavolonero salad composed of Tuscan Black Kale, a garlic-anchovy-lemon vinaigrette, filone croutons, and Reggiano. Light, flavorful, rustic and comforting. It was the perfect melange of aromatic, herbaceousness balanced out with a creamy, nutty and tangy finish. 

I then had their crudo of North Carolina Bar Jack coated in poppy seeds with Sorrento lemon oil, shaved radishes, and espellette pepper. A different take on a crudo preparation done excellently -- bursting with brightness and with a dynamic depth of flavor.

Overall a lovely lunch with great company in a lively yet relaxed atmosphere.
Worth the trip back for dinner!

Il Buco
47 Bond Street

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