Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Day 801: Vermont Farmstead Cheese Company and my newest cheese crush

Location - South Woodstock, Vermont

Farm details - Vermont Farmstead Cheese Company

Why are they awesome?

Because they were founded as a means to stimulate the community of Southern Woodstock by bringing people together with a shared goal of invigorating the local socio-economical climate through a dairy farm and its cheese production.

Have they been successful?

YES! And they are expanding to a new cheese facility, aging caves, and retail shop in July 2012.

They currently craft two Cheddars, one washed in ale; their version of a classic English Wensleydale called Windsordale; a fenugreek infused Edam; a soft ripened Brie style cheese; and my favorite -- the Brickhaus Tilsit.

What is the Tilsit?

Well it is a pasteurized cow's milk cheese that is a washed curd cheese giving it a more sumptuous round mouthfeel and a nice density. Buttery, milky and warming, this is a cheese that will win over many hearts as will the creamery who produces it.

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