Monday, April 23, 2012

Day 800 : Pera Soho

Last night was not necessarily the evening to go out to dinner -- it was raining cats and dogs but when going out to dinner with family, it's always nice.

Pera Soho is the newer downtown sibling of the midtown Turkish restaurant standby located on Thompson Street in Soho. Sleek yet rustic with a warm and inviting feel and what looks like an excellent outdoor space to be enjoyed on non-rainy Sunday evenings.

So what did we have?

We decided to really explore their mezze offerings and try a melange of dishes. Hummus and a smoked eggplant dip with a garlic yogurt served with paper thin pita chips were both quite the hit, each flavorful and delectable -- classic Middle Eastern dips with their own personal flair. We also had their roasted beets with goat's cheese and raisins and a vegetable stuffed roasted pepper. The beets were coated with just the right amount of goat's milk cheese so that there was the perfect balance of earthy punch from the beets, crisp bright creaminess from the goat's milk cheese and a nice sweet finish from the raisins. The roasted pepper was warming and full of rustic vegetal flavors, excellent on a rainy cold Sunday evening. Then we had their tuna tartar served with sundried tomatoes and basil and a nice spicy kick along with a chicken 'adana' cut roll and a lentil 'adana' cut roll. The tuna tartar was big and bold bursting with in your face flavors in just the right ways. I am sure you are wondering what an 'Adana' roll is right? Well it is kind of like imagining a chicken or lentil meatball patty that is laid on top of thin Turkish bread -- a classic Turkish preparation. We also had their Pera Soho salad which was mixed greens topped with cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, chopped onions, parsley, and peeled walnuts in pomegranate with a tangy lemon dressing.

Overall, spot on food in a nice comfortable atmosphere great for a group of friends or for an intimate dinner one on one. A nice addition to the Soho restaurant scene, I will definitely be going back to enjoy some al fresco dining as the weather improves.

Pera Soho
54 Thompson Street

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