Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Day 794 : New arrivals in the Saxelby Cheese caves!

I always get excited when new cheeses get introduced to the New York City market -- opening up consumers' palates and expanding their options. So it is exciting to report that one of my favorite NYC cheesemongers, Saxelby Cheese has two new Northeast cheeses -- Berleberg and Shepsog. What names right?

Berleberg is an aged washed raw cow's milk cheese hailing from Berle Farms in Hoosick, New York. Stinky, buttery, and barnyardy with a rustic roundness and a slight hay nutty finish, this is a dense firm snacking cheese. Complex yet approachable -- it is great with an IPA.

Shepsog meaning sheep in Native American Algonquin is a mixed raw sheep and cow's milk cheese from one of my favorite Vermont producers -- Grafton Village Cheese. Its got the perfect mixture of round, rich, and buttery with a nice nutty, butterscotchy, caramelly finish. This is a big cheese perfect for a nice glass of red wine.
The entire New cave aged vintage cheese selection from Grafton Village Cheese - http://graftonvillagecheese.com

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