Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Day 750 : Leap Day!

It only comes every four years, that is if you're lucky. Leap Day occurs because of the fact that Earth's rotation around the sun takes approximately 365 days and six hours and on this particular day every four years, we play catch up. For a day that happens almost every four years, one would most certainly assume that there were traditions and folklore wrapped up in it and you'd be right. The most well known of which is what is known as "ladies privilege," the one day every four years where women can propose to their boyfriends. There's no reason a lady couldn't on other days as well but the origin of this tradition is somewhat foggy but it surely dates back to approximately the fifth century or maybe it was the thirteen century or later in the Irish / Scottish region of the world. That's the great thing about folklore, we know it to be a societal custom but where it originates is the stuff of myth.

So what to eat on this day that happens only every four years?
Something truly decadent and fabulous that you wouldn't eat every other day?
Or perhaps just a celebration for the extra day we have in the 2012 calendar year?

Why not celebrate with Burrata and Blanc de Blancs? The simple decadence of creamy fresh cheese that just melts in your mouth and the crisp delightful bubbly will get you over that midweek lull and into March and the beginning of springtime, lets hope.

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