Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Day 749 : Prix fixe at Boulud Sud

If you go to Boulud Sud before 6:45, you have the pleasure of the option of their pre-theatre menu which worked excellently for us this evening pre-Philharmonic. The pre-theatre menu is an appetizer, entree and dessert for $55 which when you consider the pricing of the mains and well the individual dishes in general, this is a pretty darn good deal.

What did we have?

We split their butter lettuce, radicchio, roasted almond and Gorgonzola dolce salad topped with a homemade balsamic vinaigrette and my favorite, grilled octopus with a Marcona almond purée and arugula. Then we each had their new fish entree -- Long island flounder with a light parsley pesto and sundried tomato oil. This was accompanied by roasted cauliflower and local fingerling potatoes over a roasted cauliflower purée -- the perfect in-between winter - spring dish. Rustic and warming flavors met bright and fresh nuances in the most excellent of manners.

Then we had a cheese plate and one of their desserts. The cheese plate was composed of three local cheeses curated by Anne Saxelby -- Weston Wheel, a mixed cow and goat's milk cheese hailing from Vermont; Grayson, the washed rind stinker from Meadow Creek Dairy in Virginia; and Oma, hailing from Vermont's Von Trapp farmstead. Overall three excellent American artisanal cheeses that will appeal to the amateur or the developed cheese palate.

A delish meal before a lovely concert at the Philharmonic with my wonderful Mother.

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