Friday, February 24, 2012

Day 745 : Giving Back and Receiving All in One?

Then I have the perfect thing for you!

"Say Cheese, Share a Smile," Artisanal Cheese's Monthly Cheese Club's new initiative.

What does it entail?

Sign up for a year's worth of Artisanal's Cheese of the Month Club and they will donate $250 to Smile Train! Each month you will receive four cheeses totaling two pounds of cheese and the $250 that is donated to Smile Train will help cure one child born with a cleft palate. Each year over 165,000 children are born with cleft palates some so bad that they cannot speak or eat. By joining Artisanal's Cheese of the Month club, you can help a child live a full and happy life by curing them of their cleft palate.

The details can be found here:

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