Thursday, February 23, 2012

Day 744 : New Cheese Crush - Evalon

One of my best friends came over this evening for wine, nibbles, and an awesome laid back girls night with the perfect blend of chatter and gossip.

I supplied the wine and a little bit of the food but she truly brought a veritable feast from the Park Slope Coop for us to enjoy. Hummus, Banaganoush, Spanish spice infused almonds, spelt flatbreads, Evalon, and
A Middle Eastern fabulous brown rice, lentil, caramelized shallot dish that I sautéed and added kale and pea shoots to.

What stands out in that sentence?


Of course! An aged goat's milk cheese infused with fenugreek from Wisconsin crafted by La Clare farms. Imagining that it fit in perfectly with our Middle Eastern theme, she was right! Chalky yet rustic and barnyardy, aromatic and herbaceous yet citrusy and bright and alive! A really dance of flavor nuances on the palate and a true delight!

Thank you for introducing me to this fabulous new cheese! What a treat! But the night of wine, talking, and enjoying was more so!

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