Saturday, January 28, 2012

Day 718 : On Relaxing, Grilled cheeses & more...

It feels like a day for grilled cheese doesn't it? Something comforting and simple for a relaxing Saturday. There is something to be said for melted cheese sandwiched between two pieces of bread that just warms you from the inside out, it envelopes you in the sort of way that brings a smile to your face. It triggers a return to simpler times, simpler pleasures and good honest food.

So let's keep this sandwich ingredient driven without too much fuss and with a focus on good honest local elements.

I think that the Pullman bread from Grandaisy Bakery is the most excellent grilled cheese showcasing bread, so grab a loaf of that. Next up grab some of Vermont Butter & Cheese's cultured butter to place on either side of the bread. The secret to a decadently fabulous grilled cheese is good butter.
Next up grab some of Beecher's Flagship Reserve. I like to dial up the flavor profile a bit by adding some sundried tomato paste, along with some freshly sliced Roma tomatoes, a few sprigs of mesclun lettuce to add a vegetal green side, some fresh oregano and some ground black pepper.

So grab your Pullman bread and slice two thick slices, lather each with butter, and a nice amount of the sundried tomato spread. Place one thick slice of Beecher's Flagship Reserve on either side of the bread. Next up layer your freshly sliced Roma tomatoes drizzled with EVOO and sea salt then top with mesclun lettuce and some fresh oregano. It's time to cook this sandwich!

Warming, homey, comforting and flavorful. Great for a Saturday night movie night in!

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