Friday, January 27, 2012

Day 717 : TGIF Pairing

Thrilled that the week is over?

In the mood for a nice Guinness? Something with weight and body to it after the long week?  The dark and fantastically thick beer full of coffee, chocolate, rustic smokey flavors is the perfect drink on this grey rainy day I think.

What to pair with it?

It is tough to pair with stouts and porters because their flavor profiles are so in your face that you don't actually want to go the big bold cheese route, in fact you want to go the creamy, slightly sweet, round route.

So why not one of my favorite Vermont cheeses?


A mixture of goat's milk, cow's milk and fresh Vermont cream, this cheese melts in your mouth in all the right sorts of ways. Bright and milky with a light grassy citrusy sweet finish, it is the perfect yet unsuspecting pairing partner! This mixed milk creamster will cut through the weightiness of the beer in all the right sort of ways and with a handful of walnuts and some rye bread you are set for a nice beginning to your evening.

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