Thursday, January 26, 2012

Day 715 : A Vertical Drumm tasting

Bobolink Dairy & Bakehouse is one of my favorite New Jersey creameries as you know already -- we recently covered their fabulous new DBA cheese pickup program.  But today I thought we would briefly look at their Drumm cheese. A fantastically stinky and funky aged semi-firm cow's milk cheese crafted in medium sized rounds with the exterior edges bowing in like a drum, hence its name.

Last week I had the opportunity to try three different Drumms at three different points of aging and I thought I'd share my observations with you all.

Drumm # 1 : Crafted at the beginning of November, aged for a month and a half - oozy, gooey, uncutous, royally stinky, this very soft Drumm was not for the faint of heart. But for those of us who like a fantastically stinky cheese -- this was that! Barnyardy, farmsteady and in your face in all the right sort of ways.

Drumm # 2 : Crafted mid October, this Drumm was somewhat firmer with significantly less of that barnyardy stink present in the youngster Drumm. It still had that fabulous farmsteady-ness to it but unlike the young Drumm, you couldn't smell this cheese coming.

Drumm # 3 : Crafted at the beginning of October and aged for two and half months, this was a semi-firm approachable round and buttery cheese with hints of washed rind stink and light notes of hay and a faint farmsteady barnyardy finish.

An interesting window into the aging process of cheese and of Drumm in particular. Makes one think about the trajectory cheese takes from creation to production to aging to enjoyment.

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