Friday, December 9, 2011

Day 668 : Healthy Living

Destination - Burlington, Vermont's largest independently owned natural and organic supermarket. Not to compare, but think Whole Foods but owned by one family focused solely on the best and healthiest foods possible with a goal of stimulating and giving back to the local economy. This feels like the ultimate in a community supermarket -- the local apples and pears were calling my name as was their entire gluten free section; a well-stocked row of wines and beers; prepared tofus and salads; a selection of locally baked goods, you name it, you could find it here! But what I loved most was something that you rarely see at any of our highly stocked, over crowded New York City supermarkets -- miniature individual samples of cheeses. Hey you could grab tastes of five different artisanal cheeses and barely spend five dollars.

Yes their cheese selection was excellent as well -- an ode to Vermont cheeses, hard to find local favorites were the name of the game here.

This is the sort of place I could spend hours wandering around and easily walk out with bags upon bags of things that just caught my eye or struck my fancy. But for this evening, a small bite of Tarentaise and a prepared quinoa and black bean salad and some maple ginger Vermont soy tofu.

Healthy Living
222 Dorset Street
South Burlington, VT

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