Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Day 644 : Local C

I know we are supposed to have another dosage of state country spotlights today but in thinking about where to focus on, I realized I neglected informing you all about my other fabulous cheese discovery at Murray's that we simply must discuss today -- don't worry SCS spotlights will be back tomorrow.

What was that discovery?

Local C -- only found at Murray's, it is a washed rind stinker if I have ever seen one. It starts out as Old Chatham Sheepherding's Kinderhook Creek, a bloomy rind sheep's milk camembert style cheese crafted in upstate New York. Unique in that it is made completely with sheep's milk not a blend of sheep and cow's milk. Once Murray's receives the Kinderhook Creek wheels, they wash them in local beer and age them in their caves for a few weeks. It sure has an assertive scent but is creamy and luscious with that classic roundness of mouthfeel of a sheep's milk cheese but it has the most fantastic washed rind bite, farmsteady, and barnyardy with a hoppy and nutty finish. It is $29.99 for a full round and $14.98 for a half. If you're a fan of Pont L'Eveque and other fantastic washed rind cheeses, you absolutely must try this, it is the ultimate in local cheesemaking.

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