Sunday, November 13, 2011

Day 642: My new cheese crush...

Lately I've been very into blue cheeses, I've always loved them but I've been gravitating more to them recently. Yesterday at Murray's on Bleecker my friend gave me a taste of their Bleu du Bocage and boy was I in heaven. Bleu du Bocage is a raw goat's milk aged blue cheese from the Vendee (known more for its butter) region of France. No in your face salty/brininess from the bluing, a nice tang that is offset with the citrusy, grassy, milkiness of the goat's milk. This cheese melts in your mouth in just the right sort of ways.

Goat's milk blues are few and far between which makes this cheese so refreshing and a standout of a blue cheese if you ask me.

Curious what to pair this with? I recommend a nice glass of Moscato.

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