Sunday, November 6, 2011

Day 635 : Marathoning.

Congratulations to all the NYC marathon finishers today, what a feat! The NYC marathon is unlike any other -- it's bigger in numbers of participants and spectators than any other race and boy does it have the most fabulous allure. Watching it, if you've never run it, makes you want to pick up distance running and do it, it is just so awe inspiring. For me watching it makes me wish I had run it again this year but there will be plenty more years to come.

Running for me is my stress relief, my time to think and to unwind; my time to meditate and ponder day to day life and all of life's questions -- running makes me me just in the same way my love of cheese, wine, beer and all things food makes me me.

The NYC marathon is sponsored by Grana Padano and I think that's somewhat fitting. It takes this Italian cheese more than a year to grow into its ideal flavor profile -- traditionally longer than it takes one to train for a marathon but it sure shows the perseverance is key to a successful finish just like a marathon.  It goes excellently with your pre race carbo loading of pasta or post race celebration of nibbles and drinks. In terms of flavor profile, there's something quite ideal and necessary about the salty savoriness of this cheese -- salt is necessary after running a marathon and why not have some grana padano instead of salt packets?

So congrats all you NYC finishers and here's to my Philly marathon in two weeks!

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