Saturday, November 5, 2011

Day 634 : Cheeses for a Girls Movie Night

Good friends, good times, good food, and a good movie are how I plan to spend my Saturday evening...Guess what I'm bringing over?

You guessed it! Cheese!

Which ones?

I decided to get three of my favorite American artisanal cheeses for our movie night:

1. Cremont - A mixed goat and cow's milk cheese with a dollop of cream added in. Crafted by Vermont Butter and Cheese, it is light and tangy, citrusy and grassy and creamy in all the right sort of ways. Crafted as a celebration of Vermont's terroir and boy is it!

2. Carmody - Made entirely with Jersey cow's milk, this Sonoma crafted cheese is silky smooth. Sweet and buttery with hints of nuttiness, this Bellwether Farms original is sure to be a crowd pleaser.

3. Point Reyes Blue - One of my all time favorite West Coasters, this blue cheese is all spice and piquant notes with a fabulous round creaminess to it.

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