Thursday, November 3, 2011

Day 632 : How to Save / How to Splurge Dispatch # 36

In scanning my brain as to what to write for today's dispatch, my mind was triggered by a simple caprese salad I had last night at Lusardi's. I got to thinking about the small monetary difference between buying a mozzarella encased in plastic and those buffalo mozzarellas that are sold sitting in water. Why spend the extra few dollars to get the softer, more luscious, creamy mozzarella right? Well the difference between the ball in plastic costing you five dollars or under and the ball in water costing you closer to ten is the moisture content in the cheese. By dialing up the moisture you dial up the smooth unctuousness of the cheese and there for just a few extra dollars you are able to transform an average everyday cheese into a special occasion cheese. Sometimes as well all know spending a few extra dollars goes far...

As an end note, I know you are thinking can't I buy the cheap version and put it in water? Save the money but still get the appropriate tastes that I want?  Sure you can try it but it simply won't be as good or as satisfying as the actual buffalo mozzarella purchased as the cheesemaker intended to have the cheese rest.

Maybe this isn't that go buy this instead of that sort of post, but its one of those posts that is meant to make you as a Fromagical reader think about the difference in taste and flavor profile one receives between these two different mozzarellas and other cheeses...sometimes spending an extra $3 to $5 totally changes your cheese eating experience for the better...

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