Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Day 630 : A bit of a change up today, SCS spotlights will return tomorrow.

I decided I had to do a bit of a change up today because I simply wanted to explain how I felt returning to the Cellars at Beechers last night. Each time I go, although I like the atmosphere, the wine list, the mac n' cheese and other food options, I always am disappointed with their cheese selections. Yes of course they have the cheeses that they produce themselves, each fabulous in its own way, but the other cheeses that they fill their list with are not necessarily the cheeses that I would choose when just one flight upstairs they have an excellent selection of American artisanal cheeses. And even if they did keep the same list, I would expect to see way more than fifteen options.

They have the Northeastern greats like Kunik, Bayley Hazen Blue, Rupert, Ouray and the such and the Western greats like Rogue River's Blue and Bellwether farms' Carmody to name a few. But I think it would be fantastic since to really delve deeply into an exploration of American cheeses and split up their cheese selections in the Cellar into areas of the country and allow people to explore the different types of cheeses crafted in places as far flung as Iowa, Maine, Georgia, Illinois, and more. They have the added benefit of being one of the only retail, production, and consumption cheese locations in the city -- you can go buy some cheese, watch it be made, and then enjoy that cheese downstairs with a glass of wine all in the same space! They shouldn't just have a decent cheese list, they should go above and beyond!

Don't get me wrong, I think the Cellars at Beechers are great for a drink and a nibble with friends but I just wish that they took what they have done with their cheese production and cheese retail and extended it a little further into their cheese offerings. I will definitely be back many times as it is such a nice meeting place.

900 Broadway

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