Monday, October 24, 2011

Day 621 : Brunch at Tertulia

Tertulia was one of those restaurants that I was very excited to see open and of course try out. It is Seamus Mullen's (previously of Boqueria) new casual and rustic Basque restaurant. Walking in you feel transported to a rural Spanish town farmhouse restaurant, complete with the classic chimney-like oven traditionally found in Etxebarri in the Basque country outside of Bilbao. The small space has a warm and homey feel.

The menu is a mixture of classic Spanish and more specifically Basque dishes with Mullen's personal twist. At brunch, there is a nice combination of small plates tapas and Spanish comfort food brunch dishes.

We split their Tostas Setas which was their savory brunch bruschetta topped with marinated mushrooms, smoked ricotta, pine nuts and herbs. Herbaceous and rustic with a lightness to it, the flavors melded excellently together. Then we also split their version of a classic tortilla Espanola which I always find is a good way to gauge a Spanish restaurant. The best tortillas melt in your mouth and walk a perfect line between the rich roundness of the eggs, the starchiness of the potatoes and the aromatic notes of the onions. This tortilla surely measured up and made me want to come to try more of the wonderful sounding dishes on the menu.

Just know when you go, that they don't take bookings for parties of under six people. But it is most certainly worth the wait.

359 6th Avenue

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