Friday, October 7, 2011

Day 605 : Pre Yom Kippur Meal

Before the ritual fast in observance of Yom Kippur, the day of atonement, my family and I sat down to a lovely meal prepared beautifully by my mother.

And to keep it short and sweet, a quick little recap of what we enjoyed, each morsel more delish than the last. There was quinoa with asparagus and peas and a spinach puree along with spice crusted Arctic Char served with red wine sauteed mushrooms. To accompany the quinoa and the fish was homemade hummus and homemade challah and rice bread. Then we had a green salad and homemade fig paste with two cheeses. Each cheese was chosen for its distinctly different cheese style than those we had at Rosh Hashanah.

The first cheese I brought was Terra from Redwood Hill Farm in Sonoma, CA. Terra is a soft ripened, aged goat's milk cheese that the classic natural aged goat cheese rind and a bright white interior paste with a slight creamline. Earthy and tangy with lactic citrusy notes, this chalky cheese was a fantastic example of small production Californian artisanal cheesemaking. And the other cheese was Point Reyes Blue from Point Reyes, CA. A cow's milk aged blue cheese that packs the spicy piquant punch in just the right sort of way with a creamy buttery finish that is perfect with the homemade fig paste and a great way to wake up the senses.

Overall a fabulously delightful meal with my family before fasting. If you are fasting, all the best wishes for an easy fast and a nice time of atonement and reflection on the past year.

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