Thursday, October 6, 2011

Day 604 : How to Save / How to Splurge Dispatch #32

I feel lucky to live in a neighborhood with a plethora of wine bars seeing as I sure do enjoy sharing a glass of wine and some cheese with friends. Two of my favorite wine bars in the neighborhood are within two blocks of one another and are owned and operated by the same management; they are definite Upper West Side institutions -- Bin 71 and Barcibo Enoteca. Barcibo is more Italian focused, both in their wine and food selections whereas Bin has a broader range of wines and nibbles. Each has offerings of cheese -- Bin has three cheeses for $17 where as Barcibo has three cheeses for $18. But which is the bigger and better bargain?

You may think, gosh this is a no-brainer, obviously its the place that has three cheeses for $17! Well you would be mistaken. For your $17 at Bin 71, you get three small morsels of cheese, decent for two to share. However your $18 at Barcibo goes much further, you get close to two times the amount of each cheese than you do at Bin. Sure, there are fewer cheeses to choose from at Barcibo but you get so much more cheesy goodness for your money, that it's totally worth it.

So I guess sometimes spending that extra dollar goes a lot further than you would expect. Granted, in the long run, spending the same amount you and your friends could get wine and cheese for less and end up at someone's apartment but should that not be the mood you are in, you now know where to order cheese to maximize the quantity you receive for the cost.

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