Sunday, October 2, 2011

Day 600: Granted the Yankees lost...but

I sure did have a great time watching them do so....Why you might wonder?

Well I made the trek over the river to my best friend's new apartment in Hoboken and we picked up goodies for the game, no folks that doesn't mean fried this and beer that..we had a nice bottle of Prosecco and cheese and crackers from the Hoboken Cheese Shop. Maybe not the Sunday sports watching food the majority of America goes for but for us it was absolutely perfect.

Tucked away on a cute little back street in Hoboken, the Hoboken Cheese Shop not only ages a variety of their own cheeses, they also have pretty decent selection of American and European cheeses to choose from and at decent prices to boot!

So what all did we get?

Humboldt Fog -- The classic California bloomy rind goat's milk cheese split in two by its vegetable ash center. Crumbly, creamy, lactic, tangy, and all around fabulous.

Garroxta -- The firm aged Spanish raw goat's milk cheese whose rind is coated in mold allowing the exterior to develop the most fantastic funk. But the interior is all milky ivory citrusy grassy paste.

And a repeat appearance from Old Man Highlander which I was shocked to see this shop had and we just had to get some of.

With some nice crackers, dates, and a white fig raisin confiture, it was totally excellent. A great afternoon for me and those I was with, maybe less so the New York Yankees but here's to hoping for a great game tomorrow.

Hoboken Cheese Shop
720 Monroe Street
Hoboken, NJ

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