Friday, September 30, 2011

Day 598 : Rosh Hashanah Dinner and of course Rosh Hashanah Cheeses as well

Wednesday evening my family gathered together for a celebratory Rosh Hashanah dinner to welcome in the Jewish New Year. So what did we have?

We started with apples and honey to ring in a sweet New Year and my mother's homemade challah. The roundness of the bread symbolizes the cycle of a year.

Then we moved on to a "quinoa aux sept legumes," a different vegetable for each day of the week -- rustic and earthy yet totally flavorful and light. The quinoa was served with a homemade matcha crusted halibut which just melted in your mouth. The crunch of the matcha crust was the perfect counterpart to the smoothness of the fish.

After quinoa, we moved onto salad and cheese. The salad was made with pomegranate seeds, pumpkin seeds, pumpkin, and of course a nice selection of greens. Both pumpkins and pomegranates are traditional Rosh Hashanah foods and in this salad they played off of one another in the most excellent savory and sweet duel. With the salad we had a selection of three cheeses all purchased last weekend at Cowgirl Creamery in Washington DC:

1. River's Edge Chevre's Mayor of Nye Beach -- the washed rind goat's milk stinker we discussed last week. Funky, barnyardy, creamy and totally unique.
2. Firefly Farm's Cabra La Mancha -- Hailing from Accident, Maryland, this cheese surely isn't an accident. Loosely based on a Spanish washed rind goat's milk tomme, this cheese is washed with b.linens creating the cheese's orange exterior hue with a bright white firm interior paste. This cheese is the perfect marriage of lactic milky, grassy citrusy notes and the rustic barnyardy-ness from the washing.
3. Old Man Highlander -- Hailing from Honesdale, PA, this firm cow's milk gouda style cheese is all smooth buttery notes, round around the edges in just the perfect way.

To go with the cheese there were red wine peppercorn marinated fresh figs and of course the homemade challah.

And lastly for dessert, a homemade almond milk date, sesame seed, nut pannacotta. Earthy and delish, not too sweet but the perfect way to end our celebratory meal.

A delish meal made with my mother's love and care -- a great way to ring  in the New Year!
Here's to a healthy and happy one for all!

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